Company Profile

Luftek® Engineering Private Limited Company

Has been established to deliver the market needs of Quality and Innovative Air Conditioning products.

Luftek® was established in the year 2017 with a vision to cater to the HVAC industry by producing air-conditioning products which will suffice to any design requirment for maintaining better indoor air quality (IAQ) & are energy efficient and Eco friendly with a less foot print at an affordable cost.

A state of the art manufacturing facility located near Chennai with modern machineries and manufacturing processes to produce quality HVAC products for commercial, industrial, hospital, pharma, residential and special applications.

Exclusive Features

  • Compliance to Stringent of Specifications.
  • Customization & Engineering with regards to specific requirments.
  • QAP in compliance to international standard manufacturing practices.
  • Commitment towards Quality and timely delivery as per project requirment.

Attributes of Luftek® Air Handling Equipment

  • Luftek® is equipped with a comprehensive selection software complying with international standard and requirement
  • Selections generated by our software shall provide optimum output and efficiency of Fans, Coils & Filters in accordance to the requirements of standards like AMCA, AHRI and EN 779. Thus LUFTEK stands out from its competitors by providing the right and optimum solution to the clients design requirements
  • The key components used are of international standard and acceptance like AMCA certified fans, AHRI certified Cooling coils, Motors complying to IEC / CE standards, Filter complying to EN779 Standards etc.,
  • Thermal break construction complying with standard requirements in accordance to EN1886 & EN 13053 standards for the mechanical & cooling performance of the AHU.
  • Customization to match the project specific requirements with regards to construction, foot print and logistics.

Manufacturing Plant

The plant is built in at a floor area of about 16000 sq.ft at Tiruvallur – SIDCO industrial area, with qualified workforce and skilled team of managers, engineers & technicians.Factory is equipped with latest technology machineries for sheet metal fabrication, PUF injection and coil manufacturing as mentioned below.

  • CNC Hydraulic Shearing machine.
  • CNC Servo controlled press brake (Bending Machine).
  • High Pressure PU injection machine.
  • Others related to AHU assembly
  • High speed fin press for coil manufacturing.
  • Mechanical Expander