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Medium Static Units

Energy efficient units with direct driven plug fans operated through VFD offers a better Energy saving compared to the conventional series. These units are highly reliable with fewer moving parts and are easily serviceable as well. Luftek’ Variable speed AC units are offered with both uniflow and energy recovery design.…

Hide Away Units

The non-intrusive design of this compact series of hide away units are the perfect solution for builders and architects. The units are designed to provide the maximum performance occupying less space above the false ceiling and silent operation.

Energy Recovery Units

Conserving energy is a paramount across the globe. With Luftek’ Energy Recovery Units (ERU’s) the customers can save the additional expenditure with the use of certified energy recovery products. Our units can be offered with Recovery wheel / Cross flow heat exchanger / Heat Pipes to recover the energy from…

Uniflow Units

Luftek’ conventional units are designed with flexibility to accommodate the stringent client requirements with customization and certified components. The double skin air handling units are of modular construction and meets the best rating as per EN1886 standard for its 501LK series tested at TUV Nord, Germany. The uniflow units cover…
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Decorative Units

These units offer a stupendous energy saving with plug fans fitted with external rotor EC motors of IE5 efficiency. The units are engineered to give maximum performance with inbuilt redundancy. Occupies less footprint, BMS compatible and reliable.
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Clean Room Units

Critical areas like Hospital, Pharma Industry, Food Industry and Sterile rooms require a higher level of construction in Air Handling Units to prevent growth of microorganism and to eliminate it transfer through the air stream. Luftek’ Clean Room Units are designed to comply with DIN1946-4 and VDI6022 for its Hygiene…
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Smart Units

The unit comes with inbuilt control panel, control valve and sensors. With its intelligent controller the unit saves energy by controlling the fan and chilled water valve based on the load requirement. The unit is BMS compatible with MODBUS or BACnet protocol. The HMI unit gives more flexibility to the…
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Low Static Units

Luftek designed conventional fan coil units are highly reliable with the motors manufactured by UL recognized components and low noise centrifugal DIDW blowers. Luftek has a wide range of air volume with 8 Models in its medium static and 5 models in high static. The slender design is an apt…
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High Static Units

The decorative units comes in double skin casing as default with 25mm thick PU insulation with Linear bar grill on the supply side and egg crate grill on the return side . Units are designed for free throw application with a minimum static to have a better air throw and…
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Package Units

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