Covid-19 Updates

At Steeler, the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and the communities where we do business is our highest priority. 

Lear’s track record of talented professionals working together started early last century and we’ve built our leading global success on collaborative talents dedicated to being the best team in the business.



Established in the year 2017 with a vision to cater to the HVAC industry by producing air-conditioning products which will suffice to any design requirment for maintaining better indoor air quality (IAQ) & are energy efficient and Eco friendly with a less foot print at an affordable cost.


Luftek offers wide range of Air conditioning Products designed and developed in accordance with highest standard.


Luftek produces wide range of HVAC products designed, developed and manufactured in accordance to international standard.

Products Engineered To Meet Every Customer Need


With 20 + years of experience in the field of design & manufacturing, we guarantee the best in quality and products


Equipped with an engineering team having comprehensive knowledge on engineering standards & requirements.


Product designs are complying to international standards like EN, AHRI, AMCA etc for better performance.


Customization to match the project specific requirements in terms of construction, dimensions and performance.

Our Latest Projects

All functions including Design, Manufacturing and site installations integrated to offer a complete solutions.

Research & Development

Our continuous investment in R&D, certifications is a continuous process which is way of our commitment to innovation.

We have teams of highly skilled engineers who work dedicated to design and are always in constant process of development with innovative ideas and intellectual intelligence consistently. Our engineers come from a range of disciplines in engineering with vast experience in engineering tools & software. This range of backgrounds enables our teams to approach new challenges from all angles, and design of HVAC products that achieve optimum performance.

Let's grow With

As a leading hvac product manufacturers, Luftek offers a wide range of opportunities in both production and office based disciplines. In a highly competitive marketplace, we place honesty and integrity at the top of our list and we work together to make our business a success.

Innovation is key to our success and we attribute much of our achievement to the quality of engineers, sales, marketing, finance and administration people who have chosen to be part of our team.