Our Credentials

Luftek high quality products are guaranteed by different certifications and testings of global performance standards.

To ensure total customer satisfaction, we have always rigorously applied a meticulous and constant process to improve our products and processes, moving around from the performance aspect through a careful research and development phase supported by advanced testing and verification to produce and deliver a high performance products.


Luftek water coils are tested in accordance with AHRI 410 standard and certified for cooling and heating performance. Equipment with AHRI Certified® mark, will provide buyers the assurance that your equipment will perform accurately and consistently

Luftek  air handling units are certified by  EUROVENT certification body for performance of the unit and mechanical characteristics of the casing construction.


Luftek in order to demonstrate the ability to provide a product and service that meets the requirements of its customers, maintains a Quality Management system in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard